The Dark Carnival

“Roll up, Roll up, ladies and gentlemen, enter the magical world of the Circus.”

Step into the world of the Jolly Carnival, where magic is an everyday reality.

It all began 300 years ago. A sailing ship from London gets caught in a massive electrical storm off the coast of America and is hit by lightning. As the boat sinks into the storm-tossed seas, the wealthiest folk on board leap onto the lifeboats and escape, only to perish on a deadly hidden reef. Sunrise Jolly and a rag tag bunch from the lower decks must survive as best they can, on broken and handmade rafts that manage to find the only path through the storm to the beach. In doing so, they discover a special kind of magic that bonds them together and sets them on a path that will alter them forever.

Now, centuries later, the Jolly Carnival travels the country every summer, delighting audiences both young and old with their amazing acts. At every stop, they find one lucky Mark and grant that person’s deepest desire, literally a Gift from the Carnival. In return for every successful Gift, their abilities are enhanced, and the magic becomes stronger.

And when the magic becomes stronger, the Jolly Carnival thrives. Everyone becomes a little bit more - the strongman is stronger; the contortionist more flexible; the thrill rides more thrilling; and the Ringmaster is unforgettable.

For the visitors it’s a magical place, and for the people who live there, it’s home. It’s not easy, and it’s not always pretty. But it’s how they’ve lived since that fateful day 300 years ago.

But now, in the first book in the Carnival Series, things have gone wrong. The Carnival is weak, their powers are almost gone, and their whole way of life is threatened. Can they save themselves from whatever is trying to destroy their way of life?