Cursed Dragon

The Dragon Rising Series | Book 4

I thought I'd saved the world. Turns out it was a death sentence.

I'm a dragon shifter - the biggest, baddest supernatural in the world - so absorbing the magic of the spell web into my body seemed like a good idea. It solved all our problems, and the humans went back to being oblivious of the supers who exist under their noses.

Except it didn't quite work like that.

Turns out I'm not as strong as I thought I was. If the government or the underworld criminals don't get me first, the magic of the spell web is gonna destroy me, piece by piece.

As if that isn't enough to deal with, there's a new threat in town... a plague of demons that could wipe out the supernatural and human races combined if left unchecked.

I'm back to saving the world. Except this time, I might not make it to the end.

If you like Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson or Shannon Mayer's Rylee Adamson... you'll love Trudi Jaye's kick-butt shapeshifter, Mei Walker.