Hidden Magic

The Magic Carnival Series | Book 4

What if there's someone who wants you dead...

...Just because you can do magic?

Even worse. What is he's your own father?

Fee has been hiding from her family since they discovered her terrible secret.

She has magic.

It should make her happy, but all she feels is fear.

When she meets Henry, sparks fly, but she knows nothing can come of it. If she shows him who she really is, she'll put herself, and Henry, in danger.

But danger's already lurking close to her.

Now Fee and Henry are desperately trying to evade an enemy who never, ever gives up—and whose only goal is to eliminate Fee.

Hidden Magic brings back the characters you know and love, from the circus where magic is part of every day life.
Another tale of mayhem and magic in the Jolly-Knight Carnival.