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Dragons & Demons

Demon Hunter in Hiding | BOOK 4

Every spidey-sense I have is telling me to run. 

But I can’t.

I’m at SIG Headquarters in New York City. I’ve only been here a couple weeks, but the Director is already suspicious, his creepy new sidekick is looking at me like I’m a magical lollypop he’d like to lick, and I haven’t even seen the secret records room on level two. Even worse, I don’t have long before they figure out I’m not really on their side.

I can feel the danger closing in around me: I’m surrounded by people who wouldn’t think twice about getting rid of me, and I can’t find the one thing I came here for.

I think this time, I might really be in over my head…

Join me on a magical adventure...
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Spells & Demons

Demon Hunter in Hiding | BOOK 5

It’s here.

The demon plague.

Our enemies are winning. The resistance has been broken down into tiny pieces.

Our attempts to overthrow the Director have so far failed. He’s holding every card in the deck, and we’re out of options.

All I can think is – what if the Director wins?

If you love the idea of a nerdy researcher turned demon-hunter-with-a-death-wish battling the forces of evil, tune in for more information on when Spell & Demons is due to launch!