Dragons & Demons

Demon Hunter in Hiding Series | Book 4

Ever feel like you're a lobster, about to be dropped in a pot of hot water?

That's me. Right now. Alert level ten. Code red. DEFCON 1.

I'm stuck here at SIG headquarters in New York City. The Director's breathing down my neck, his creepy new sidekick is looking at me like I'm a magical lollypop he'd like to lick, and I haven't even seen the secret records room on level two.

Every spidey-sense I have is telling me to run.

Except I can't listen to my well-honed gut instincts this time. I have to find Frankie's heirloom - or I'll literally die - and then figure out whatever terrifying plan the Director is putting in place to use the demon energy he's become obsessed with.

It seems simple... but it's not. Nothing is going according to plan.

I wish I wasn't here. I wish I was back at the apartment, playing video games with Blade and eating chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk.

I guess we don't always get what we wish for - unless you've got Mr. Fookes in a mini-toaster-genie-bottle around your neck...