Welcome to the Elemental Witch Series

Join Saffy, an ex-witch with an attitude problem as she battles human detectives, the powerful Council of Witches, a vengeful demon and a centuries old curse. Someone's killing witches, and the finger is being pointed squarely at Saffy - except her powers couldn't possible have done it... could they? Add in a nosy neighbour who gets turned into a chicken, a sexy detective who's determined to arrest her, and an uncle who loves spiders more than people - and you'll get an idea of the kind of day Saffy's been having. 


Saffy’s tough. She’s had to be. When her parents were brutally murdered, something went crazy with her witch magic. Not only was she blamed for her parent’s murders (it was never proven, and she was eventually set free), but the Witch Council declared her magic was too dangerous and bound it so she couldn’t use it.  

Not only did she have to learn how to live without her parents, she had to do it in the mundane world without her magic. 

Saffy built herself a career as a stone mason, using the remnants of her earth magic, and rebuilt her parent’s house, after the explosion that killed them, destroyed parts of it. She’s most comfortable in her old jeans and a T-shirt, and loves to put her long dark hair in matching braids. It’s been a long time since her parents’ death, but Saffy has adjusted to her life now. She’s got a good job that gives her freedom and flexibility, she’s got an awesome roommate who’s a singer in a cool band, and she’s almost financially secure. 

And then in one ridiculous day, things go from good to bad to worse. She experiences a surge of magic and accidentally turns her annoying neighbor into a chicken. Then she finds her cousin Sylvia – a powerful archivist witch – dead in a pool of blood and ends up being arrested for the murder. The only witness to the murder is Percy, her cousin’s pet rat, who she’s lost, because of the previously mentioned arrest. 

Luckily Saffy doesn’t give up easily, and she believes in fighting for her life with every last drop of energy in her body. If only it didn’t involve a seriously hot human detective, a centuries old demon desperate to return to the human realm, and a power-hungry dark witch with a death wish….


Xander follows the rules, and does everything ten times better than anyone else around him. He has to. Otherwise people will think that his position as a detective on the police force was just an active of nepotism on the part of his mother, the longest running mayor in the history of the city. 

Xander wears impeccable suits, he pays attention to the most minute details of a case, and he always gets his man – or woman. He also has an innate sense of justice that makes him believe in the importance of what he does. 

He’s also smart, and has one of the highest arrest rates in the county. He uses his intuition and gut more often that he should, but it never sets him wrong. 

Which is why this woman Saffy makes no sense to him. She seems good for the murder of her cousin. Found at the scene, blood all over her. Suspicious death, exactly the same as her own mother’s death. But there’s something not right. Something that his intuition is trying to tell him. 

And the last thing he expected was to find out that magic is real, and witches live among us.



" Wow. I really enjoyed this. Great plot and a good rollercoaster of a read. Plenty of action and a dash of romance with plenty of characters!"

"Awesome first book in a series. Does exactly what a book should do by grabbing you into the story. Definitely want to read the next one. "

" All three books in this series were excellent and I hope their journey continues. The characters are well written and draw you in and keep you hoping they will survive each close call. You cheer for them and agonize with them. I will be rereading this series and hope it will continue! "