THE Shadow Prophecy

The Dark Carnival Series | Book 5

Some things are worth coming out of hiding for…

Sam spent ten long years magically bound to the crazed leader of The Experiment circus, forced to hurt innocent people against his will. Now he's free, but he's still living with the blood-soaked ghosts of his past.

The only thing that makes him happy is plotting his revenge.

Celestine is the only non-magical person in the Jolly Knight Carnival. At least, that's the impression she's worked hard to create. The reality is that she's a talented fortuneteller keeping her abilities secret so she can stay hidden from her corrupt birth family.

When Celestine accidentally sees death—and the destruction of the Carnival—in Sam's future, she knows she has to act, no matter the cost. But she's buried her lies so deep in the fabric of the Carnival, it's going to be almost impossible to convince anyone she's telling the truth.

Celestine must do everything she can to save Sam and the Carnival from the evil forces lurking around them. But if she's not careful, her own future might be threatened instead…

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