High Flyer

The Dark Carnival Series | Book 3

A spur of the moment decision...

...And now she's trapped forever.

Missy has always been the star of the show. Strong, talented and stubborn, she lives for the joy of a truly magical performance.

But ever since...well, that night, things have changed.

Now being part of the Carnival just makes her feel edgy and alone.

When a stranger arrives, offering her a way out, it seems like a dream come true.

Too bad it's more like a nightmare.

Now she's stuck in a gilded cage, forced to do curse magic, with no way out.

When everything is at its darkest, it's the family she's taken for granted who might be the only ones who can save her.

But will they figure out what's happened in time?

Filled with the same daring Carnival characters you've come to know and adore, you'll love this adventure under the glittering lights of the big top!