Welcome to The Dark Carnival Series

“Roll up, Roll up, ladies and gentlemen, enter the magical world of the Circus.”

Hidden beneath the bright lights of the Carnival is a secret... 

More than just thrilling rides and jaw-dropping shows... the Carnival is a place of magic and power. If you're chosen, your most secret dreams will come true. 

But magic doesn't always work the way you want it to...

When the Carnival is attacked, it must use everything and everyone it possibly can to save itself from the bitter, twisted curse magic infecting its power.

Even Rilla, the Ringmaster's daughter and her bitter rival, Jack. Throwing them together is the just the first step in the Carnival's plans to save itself from the enemy in the shadows...


Rilla is the daughter of the most charismatic Ringmaster the Jolly Carnival has ever had. She’s lived by his side her whole life, working next to him, supporting his big ideas and making them happen.  

So what’s she going to do when he dies in a car crash? When it feels like her right arm has been torn off? And what’s going to happen when it turns out someone is sabotaging the carnival and destroying their magic? 

She’s determined and talented and she loves the Jolly Carnival more than anything else in the world. What else can she do but carry on? 

She’s tall, with striking blue eyes, and jet-black hair set in a sleek bob that sits perfectly under the Ringmaster’s hat. She’s grown up under the lights, learning from a young age how to create magic in the big top. She knows how everything works… Including the gift magic that helps the carnival grant a wish to one lucky punter at every stop in their season. 

Rilla has the ability to find solutions to every problem, to see patterns where no one else can see them. She can look into the future and almost see how everything will turn out. But something has happened to their magic, and now she can’t see the solutions quite so easily, and the way forward doesn’t seem so clear. 

She’s never before doubted her ability to keep the Carnival running, but when everything goes wrong no matter what she does to try and stop it… what if this is it? What if this is the end of the magic…?


Jack hates the Jolly Carnival. Ever since he realized that the stories his father told of his youth in the magical carnival were just made up, he’s hated his father for making him believe them. 

So, when his ailing father wants to return to the carnival to attend the funeral of his childhood best friend, Jack’s reluctant to say the least. He has a book to finish, better things to do. But he can’t resist his father’s charm, and he reluctantly agrees to take him. 

When they arrive, it’s everything he thought it would be. Patched tents, strange-looking people, no order or organization. And definitely none of the magic his father used to tell him about when he was a kid. 

He’s tall and broad-shouldered, but he’s more comfortable in front of a computer than pegging out a tent. He’s got smoldering anger directed at the people of the carnival, and at first he has a hard time keeping it held inside. 

And then he discovers that it wasn’t lies. That the carnival really does have magic… and someone is trying to destroy it. 

What will Jack do to help save the magic he only just found?



" Loved loved loved this novel. Enough to start buying the rest in the series. Emotive, dangerous, magical, and so much more, the story draws you in and keeps you there. Dark? Well, curse magic would be, I guess. Every character (almost, there’s a couple of nasties) is bright and shining. The Jolly Circus oh I wish I could be there! The author has painted a most wonderful picture with words. Except for the aforementioned dark parts. Loved the ending too." 

"Excellent read - A brilliant book, I couldn't stop reading it! But once I finished I had to download the next book in the series. It's a new take on paranormal things! I like it."

"Brilliant. Trudi Jaye weaves a tale of mystery, intrigue and magic......a must read for a vivid imagination."