Welcome to the Demon Hunter in Hiding Series

Hazel's whole life is a lie.

She's not really a post-grad student at Stanford University.

Her name's not really Hazel Rushton.

And she's not really a mild-mannered inventor who loves to fix old tech found by her quirky professor.

By day, she pretends to follow the rules and lead a normal life. 

At night, she hunts monsters.

That's right. Monsters. They're real, and they're out there.


On the surface, Hazel looks like the stereotypical nerdy researcher type – long brown hair and glasses, converse shoes and jeans – stuck in a lab at Stanford University. 

Except that couldn’t be further from the truth.  

By day, Hazel conducts research into the paranormal. At night, she hunts the powerful supernatural creature that killed her parents. 

When she accidentally ends up possessed, and then meets mysterious shifter Blade, she finds out the truth of who she is – a rare but powerful supernatural who can control demons… 

At first, it kinda makes sense. It's the reason why the monster didn't killer her when it killed her parents. It's why she can see things that other people can't. It's also why she's always been able to fix anything – machines, devices, computers. Turns out, it’s part of her powers. 

But having powers like these isn't going to be easy. She must use every ounce of her persistence, her courage, and her brainpower to overcome her enemies and prove that she’s more than the sum of her powers… 


Blade's a lone wolf.


Maybe that should be a lone jaguar shifter... 

He's also been hunting demons since he was just a kid. He knows everything there is to know about demons. It's in his blood: his family has been hunting demons for centuries.

When his father was killed by a demon, he took over in his place as the local hunter, keeping humans and supers safe from the bloodthirsty creatures. 

He's the best of the best. He's highly controlled, and he doesn't take unnecessary risks. When he hunts demons he does it methodically, and with a precision that would make a surgeon jealous. 

When he first meets Hazel, he thinks she's chaotic and distracting. When he realizes she's possessed...he knows she's doomed. It's a death sentence for supernaturals. 

Except there's something about Hazel that just doesn't add up. She doesn't react like a normal supernatural. Blade doesn't quite know what's happening, but there's one thing for sure... 

Blade's orderly life is about to be turned upside down. 



"...the story is extremely well written and I love the action and drama throughout it. It also has a bit of mystery that surrounds it that draws you in. It is definitely an intriguing story that is definitely worth reading..."

"I love nerdy Hazel. She has no clue but she is a trooper. Let's bring on some demons and chaos!"

"This one keeps you glued for every page. Never quite knowing where its going to go next. On to the next installment..."

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