Hidden Dragon

The Dragon Rising Series | Book 1

Ever wish for a different life?

I do. Every damn day.

Continually hunted by paranormal assassins out to claim the bounty on my head—dead or alive—I’ve been forced to hide in the shadows, always fearful of the next attack. 

They think I have a magic so powerful, I'm a danger to the entire world. But they're wrong. I’m just an ordinary supernatural with a strong desire to make it to my next birthday.

Some days, I wish I did have the powers they claim I do, just so I could make them stop.

My other big wish? That I could live a normal life and maybe make some actual friends my own age. My biggest fear? That they'll catch me before I get the chance. 

The truth is, I’m not the last dragon shifter, and my roar isn’t loud enough to destroy the whole world.

So why are they still hunting me?

If you like Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson or Shannon Mayer's Rylee Adamson... you'll love Trudi Jaye's kick-butt shapeshifter, Mei Walker.

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