The Dragon Rising Series

Raised in secret, trained to kill, Mei has no idea who she is, or why she lives the life she does. All she knows is that people are trying to kill her. All. The. time.
Now, on the eve of coming into her full supernatural powers, her mentors are planning to unwind the tangle of lies that surrounds her heritage... except just before they can do it, everything changes. Mei is forced on the run with a stranger she can't trust, hiding from assassins who want her dead, and trying to figure out why everyone thinks she's about to destroy the world...

Demon Hunter in Hiding Series

Hazel's whole life is a lie. She's not really post-grad student at Stanford University. Her name's not really Hazel Rushton. And she's not really a mild mannered inventor who loves to fix old tech found by her quirky professor.
By day she pretends to follow the rules and lead a normal life.
At night, she hunts monsters. 
That's right. Monsters. They're real, and they're out there.

The Elemental  Witch Series

Join Saffy, an ex-witch with an attitude problem as she battles human detectives, the powerful Council of Witches, a vengeful demon and a centuries old curse. Someone's killing witches, and the finger is being pointed squarely at Saffy - except her powers couldn't possible have done it... could they? Add in a nosy neighbour who gets turned into a chicken, a sexy detective who's determined to arrest her, and an uncle who loves spiders more than people - and you'll get an idea of the kind of day Saffy's been having. 

The DARK Carnival  Series

Hidden beneath the bright lights of the Carnival is a secret...
More than just thrilling rides and jaw-dropping shows... the Carnival is a place of magic and power. If you're chosen, your most secret dreams will come true.
But magic doesn't always work the way you want it to...
When the Carnival is attacked, it must use everything and everyone it possibly can to save itself from the bitter, twisted curse magic infecting its power. Even Rilla, the Ringmaster's daughter and her bitter rival, Jack.
Throwing them together is the just the first step in the Carnival's plans to save itself from the enemy in the shadows...

The Firecaller Series