Welcome to the Dragon Rising Series

Dragons were destroyed three centuries ago. Everyone knows that. Right?

Raised in secret, trained to kill, Mei has no idea who she is, or why she lives the life she does. All she knows is that people are trying to kill her.

All. The. time.

Now, on the eve of coming into her full supernatural powers, her mentors are planning to unwind the tangle of lies that surrounds her heritage... except just before they can do it, everything changes. 

Mei is forced to go on the run with a stranger she can't trust, hiding from assassins who want her dead, and trying to figure out why everyone thinks she's about to destroy the world...


When we first meet Mei she's nineteen years old.

On the surface, she’s average height and average build, with long black hair and deep brown eyes inherited from her Chinese mother. She doesn't look any different from other girls her age. But looks can be deceiving. She knows how to decode and analyze dangerous situations, just like her secret agent father. She’s also a powerful supernatural with an affinity for water, and she's a kick-ass martial artist, taught from a young age by her mentors in a last ditch effort to keep her alive. 

Because the thing about Mei is that she’s lived a different life to the rest of us.

She's been hunted since she was a kid by professional assassins who will never give up until she's dead. She's spent her life on the run - never feeling safe, and always wondering where the next attack will come from. 


Seth Barnes is a brand-new secret agent with the SIG (Supernatural Investigation Group). He's tall, muscled, handsome and deadly serious about his career.

He was born into a family of Raven shifters, but was never powerful enough to shift, so he's an outsider in his clan. 

Which makes him doubly determined to be an exemplary agent... So when he hears about his new assignment, he's angry and upset. He thinks he's being punished for something that happened at cadet training. It's glorified babysitting duty and he isn't afraid to tell the agent he's replacing exactly what he thinks. 

He's about to find out how wrong he was about Mei and just how much meeting her will change his life....



"Wonderful characters, both the good and the bad, in a fast-paced adventure, in a place that feels like home, with a few enhancements. The story continues on and promises to be just as intriguing."

"Wow! Totally enjoyable series, loved it."

"This urban fantasy has some fascinating and different elements that engage readers right from the start, for one thing most of the story is one big suspense gripping and adrenaline pumping chase with epic battles as Mei runs from her attackers. The plot is fast paced and full of strong, captivating characters all of which seem to have hidden agendas and their own endgames which leaves Mei with few to trust."

                                                                                   ~ AMAZON REVIEWS