The Gift

The Dark Carnival Series | Book 2

I can’t help that I come across grumpy and taciturn.

It’s the nature of my powers.

So, when I meet the cheery and optimistic Dr. Madelaine Annandale, I can’t help my scowl or my glare. She’s in the middle of my worst nightmare, and I find it hard to stay calm when my arrogant absentee father is involved.

Except she doesn’t seem to notice. And when she offers to help Simon, the battered young teen in my care, I say yes. Of course I do. Simon needs all the help she can give him to cure his amnesia.

And it’s definitely nothing to do with the way she makes my heart pound. Nothing to do with her warm eyes, and her delightful smile.

Because I can’t get involved with someone from outside the Carnival.

No one from the outside would understand the magical currents that flow through me, the emotional tides that form my daily life. It’s a strange and wonderful existence, and not one that an outsider could ever comprehend.

So I definitely don’t like her.

And I definitely don’t want to kiss her.

At all.

Go on a journey with Garth and the rest of the Dark Carnival, and experience the glitter, glamor and excitement of their world... you'll love it!