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When all hope is lost, and there’s nowhere left to go… that’s when the real magic happens.

Three magical adventures with three misfit heroines.

Dreaming of Demons 
Was it really all a dream? Or is something more sinister going on? 

My parents are dead and everyone thinks I killed them. They're saying my painfully vivid memories of what happened are just terrible dreams, that my mind is hiding the truth. That's how I've ended up at the Ravenwood Institution, with all the other misfits and people who don't belong. 

But am I really as crazy as my doctor is telling me? Or is there another explanation for everything I've seen? 

Lost Dragon
My life is filled with hidden danger... Enemies lurk at every corner and no one is what they seem. 

To survive, I follow the rules and am always on guard. 

But when my beloved mentor announces he's leaving, the rules no longer apply. Why should I do what he says, when I'm nothing more to him than a job? So I run. And when I meet new friends, instead of being suspicious, I welcome them into my life.

They could be spies, they could be bounty hunters out for my head. But I'm willing to take the risk.

What could possibly go wrong...?

Street-smart ex-con Constance is running for her life. Literally. 

With her crime-lord boss baying for her blood, she's boarded a sailing ship to the Americas, planning to escape London and find a new home.

But just when she thinks she can finally breathe easy, her ship hits a terrible storm and is wrecked just off the coast of their final destination.

Now she and a rag tag group of survivors must fight through the night against the powerful magic of the very elements around them.