RWNZ Conference in Wellington

Last year in 2020, we didn’t get a Romance Writers of New Zealand conference, but this year our organisers were determined to make it happen. We couldn’t have international visitors, which is who would normally have headlined the conference, but as we all know, New Zealand has a huge amount of writing and marketing talent, and it was a fantastic line up of authors for this year’s event!

With authors like Nalini Singh, Anne Malcolm, Jay Hogan and Jayne Castel, we were spoilt for choice! The SPA Girls also did a talk, so I was up on stage for a while as well… (I’m not a natural public speaker, so it always takes a lot to convince myself that it’s going to be okay!)

The thing I love most about going to a writing conference isn’t what I learn, although I almost always come away with at least two or three golden nuggets, it’s actually the people I meet.

There are so many awesome writers—and given that we all have the same love of books, reading and writing, you can imagine that there’s a lot to talk about!

I—along with most other people—have been a little bit of a hermit in recent times, and many of the people I was catching up with I hadn’t seen in a long time. There’s nothing like meeting up with old friends and catching up on what they’ve been doing. It made for an awesome conference.

Anyway, congratulations to Steff Green for putting on an amazing conference, and being a generally amazing person, and thanks to all the people who gave their time to put on such a wonderful event. I enjoyed every moment of it!

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