The Joys of Pinterest

Do you like Pinterest?

I do!

In fact, I’ve developed a bit of a Pinterest addiction over the years.

I love looking through it for a) pictures of yummy food that I may or may not get around to cooking, b) beautiful and cool things that people do with their homes and gardens that I may or may not get around to doing to my own home and garden, and c) Christmas, Easter and Halloween crafts and treats for me to actually do with my daughter.

I also like looking at writing prompts, beautiful jewellery, cool places I’d like to visit, and—well you get the idea.

I also use Pinterest to help me gather together ideas for my various book projects, so if you’re interested in seeing ideas for the houses in the compound from the Carnival series, check this board out:

If you’re curious about some of the ideas and images I had for the Firecaller world, check out this board here:

And if you love the idea of pictures about a magical carnival, click this link here:

If you want to check out some of my other boards, click this link to visit it here.

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