What’s the Spell Web?

If you’ve read my Dragon series, you’ll know about the spell web. It’s a magical spell that was placed over all supernaturals to seize a proportion of their magical powers and use it to kill off the dragon shifters who were destroying the world.

It was created as a desperate last-ditch effort by the supernaturals who were being killed off—usually as collateral damage in the wars raging between the dragons for territory.

And it worked! The Earthbound, the shadowy supernatural organisation that created the spell web, were able to not only create a spell powerful enough to cover the entire world, but they managed to kill off the entire dragon shifter population.

Not one stone was left unturned. Not one dragon was left unslayed.

In fact, the spell web worked better than expected in that it had an unintended side effect—the humans could no longer see the supernaturals wandering the Earth with them. Over time, they dismissed the old legends as the stuff of fairy tales, and now humans no longer believe in the things that go bump in the night.

That was three hundred years ago. Now, despite the dragons being long gone, the spell web is still in place, and supernaturals are still hidden beneath the spell, their magic invisible to humans, despite living amongst them.

The Earthbound is still in charge of the spell web, and they’re still gathering the power of supernaturals, and using it for their own nefarious reasons.

But times they are a-changing. The Earthbound is losing its place in the minds of the population, and supers are starting to question the need for the spell web.

Mei Walker has had a special affinity with the spell web since she was a little girl. It’s not a common power, and she’s kept it hidden for years, knowing almost instinctively that it means something is not quite right. She can weave the spell web to her will, using it to see other supers, pulling power from other supers through it, and using it to make her water affinity even stronger.

Turns out, she’s the only one in the entire world who can do all that.

What does it mean for Mei? You’ll have to read Hidden Dragon to find out!

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