Book 5 of Dragon Rising

I’m currently plotting book 5 in the Dragon Rising series, which means a) a re-read of the previous books in the series to remind myself of what happens to Mei, and b) a serious plotting session to figure out what’s going to happen!

What’s fun and slightly strange is that I always find something in the books that I’d forgotten I’d even written…!

#authorbrain is real, people! (like baby brain, but for authors.)

And I always start off plotting thinking I’m not sure I have enough to fill a book, and then end up with too much and have to cull it back!

Here’s an excerpt from Hidden Dragon, just to remind you what it’s all about…

I slowly emerge from a deep fog. At first I can’t remember anything, my brain keeps circling around and around. Then I feel pain, and I don’t know why. I don’t open my eyes, it takes too much energy.

I’m lying on my side, and I try to move my arms, but can’t. Rope scratches against my wrists. They’re tied tight to each other. My ankles hurt; they’re probably tied up as well.

I’m in a moving vehicle, and every time we go over a bump, my shoulder slams into something hard and metal. My head is pounding like I’ve been hit over the head with a hammer. Maybe several hammers. Opening my eyes a tiny bit reveals that I’m in total darkness.

I open my eyes wide and look around. Where the hell am I? And how did I get here? Why didn’t he just kill me?

It feels like a van, and we’re going over a particularly bumpy road with no suspension and a driver who feels the need for speed. He goes over a big bump and I get a bit of air time, landing with a thump. I groan in pain.

“She’s coming round,” says a worried voice from behind me.

“Can’t be. The boss said she’d be out for the count until we got there.”

“She made a noise. Didn’t you hear?”

Clothes rustle, and I imagine an unconcerned shrug.

So, I have two guards in back with me. I squint toward the front of the van. I can’t see through the gap to how many guards might be in the front. At least one more driving.

My next concern is Seth. Is he here with me?

At the next big bump, I try to turn myself around slightly so I’m facing a little more into the middle of the van. I keep my eyes closed for a minute afterward, trying to breathe shallowly and slowly and hold myself limp.

“She’s moved around. Did you see that? She wasn’t looking that way before.”

“You’re an idiot. She’s dead to the world. That last bump was a big ‘un, that’s all.”


“I’m gonna tell the boss you’re not up to these kind of jobs, if you keep whining.” 

The threat of what would happen to the whiner was enough. Is Vincent the boss? Or do I have some new person to contend with? Whoever it is, he isn’t someone they want to mess with.

I open my eyes a sliver and see another lump nearby. Seth. I relax slightly. They’ve brought him with us, so at least he’s considered important enough to keep alive. I’m not entirely certain why we are still alive, but I’m not going to argue about it.

My hands are behind my back, and hopefully not visible to my guards, so I start trying to wriggle them free. It’s hard work, because my movements have to be so small. Every time we go over a bump I do a big pull on the rope, and after a while, the knots start to loosen. Not enough to get my hands out, though.

Across from me, Seth groans.

“Now he’s awake. I told you!” The whiner is down on his knees next to me in a heartbeat, opening my eyes with a stubby finger. I fight to stay limp, but the grubby little bastard pokes his fingers on my eye. I can’t do it any longer. I move my head and bite his finger, letting go as I flick my legs up and around, kicking his head. He’s blown back across the van and hits the side.

“Ha-ha. I win the bet.” A nasty troll-like face comes to crouch down next to me, holding a Taser. Before I can move away, he shoves it into my neck. I jerk stiff, and then shake uncontrollably while the electric currents storm through my body.

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