The Convergence of Two Worlds

It’s the convergence of two worlds!

Hazel from the Demon Hunter in Hiding series is finally getting to meet Damien Walker’s daughter Mei, the heroine of my other series, Dragon Rising.

They’re opposites in many ways, but that just makes them the perfect pair to work together. Hazel uses her logical, inventor and researcher brain to figure out all the things, and Mei uses her kick-butt martial arts and dragon powers to… well, kick all the butt.

It turns out the world needs both of them to work together to go up against the powers accumulated by the Director, Lakas, the Ravens, Connor McKenzie, and Dr. Green.

Will they be able to save the world from the coming demon plague?

You’ll need to read Dragons & Demons, book four in the Demon Hunter in Hiding series to find out!

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