A Different Kind of Demon

The demons in my Demon Hunter in Hiding series aren’t like other demons.

In my books, they’re the souls of supernaturals who have managed to resist going to the other side, usually because they feel they have unfinished business to sort out before they go.

Sometimes they manage to achieve their aims and move on. But most often they get distracted and start trying to gather enough power to stay in this world (by stealing the essence of supernaturals—which kills said supernatural—and also by possessing them—which also kills supers).

But once they’ve stolen power from a supernatural, demons lose sight of their original goal, and become the scary, destructive demons that Hazel has to fight in the Demon Hunter series.

The demons have two forms. One is a blue glowing form that can float, and the other is a more human shaped form. When they’re in their human-style form they’re often tall, broad shouldered, and menacing, with dark soulless eyes, and sometimes teeth shaped out of metal they’ve found. They often have pieces of metal half absorbed into their skin as well; it’s different for each demon, depending where they’ve been spending most of their time. Demons are attracted to metal because of the energy it gives off.

Hazel has the power to call, control and kill demons. But why? That’s something she’s struggling to find out through the series. She’s secretly scared that it means she’s evil, and that because her powers are associated with demons, she’ll become just like them.

But there’s far more to Hazel’s story…

….and I won’t tell you here—you’ll just have to learn alongside Hazel as she goes through the series. I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Suffice it to say, Hazel’s powers are more than they seem at first.

Read the series to find out more!

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