SPA Girls Podcast for Self-Publishing Authors

If you’re at all interested in becoming a writer, you might have heard of a little something called self-publishing. It used to be a bad word. I’ve been around long enough to have been at conferences where it was looked down on so much, that anyone admitting to being a self-published author wasn’t considered a “proper” author.

But these days, that’s changed. Self-published authors are everywhere, and they’re not only making more money than they ever could in the traditional publishing world, they’re also opening up new genres and worlds that would never have emerged if not for the ability to self-publish. Self-publishing is breaking the old publishing industry wide open, and it’s awesome!

My point to this—aside from encouraging you to give self-publishing a go if you’ve written a book and are considering how to publish it—is to tell you about the SPA Girls podcast.

I’m proud to be able to say that I’m one of the four delightful hosts of the weekly show. The other three are my long-time friends and fellow authors Wendy Vella, Cheryl Phipps and Shar Barratt. We started the podcast about six years ago, with the idea of bringing more female voices to the self-publishing podcast world, and it’s definitely been a learning curve! We now have more than 315 episodes to our name, and are still going strong, with many more ideas and concepts up our sleeve to talk about each week.

We like to think of our show as a chat between friends who are just sitting around drinking coffee and discussing our favourite topic – writing and self-publishing!

Over the six years we’ve been podcasting, we’ve talked about self-publishing, writing and marketing with the world’s best writers and publishers including Bella Andre, Mark Dawson, Skye Warren, Renee Rose, Lisa Cron and so, so, many more.

You can listen to all these episodes as well… They’re free to download via your favourite podcast platform, or you can listen to them via our website at

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