Dragons and Demons Update

I’m working on the final stages of the Dragons & Demons book (book four in Demon Hunter in Hiding series) at the moment.

It’s a weird feeling to be almost done on another book. I love this series, I think Hazel is a fun character, the nerdy researcher on the run from the authorities, with powers beyond anything she could ever have imagined.

Blade is her moody companion, a jaguar shifter who wants to protect her, but might just have to kill her if the demon ever takes over her body.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what they look like and how I originally pictured these characters, so I often find images of the characters to remind me. I’ve also decided it’s a good idea to write it out here, just in case… haha.

Hazel is athletic but short, with long brown hair and glasses. She’s perfected the art of staying out of sight, and prefers to wear her hair in a messy bun, barely worries about makeup, and most often wears jeans and a T-shirt.

She’s an inventor and loves to fix things that are broken. She can most often be found at the Stanford University basement lab where she volunteers to help Professor Hasselblatt with his paranormal research, and Larry’s Pawn Shop where she fixes broken appliances for the aforementioned Larry.

She doesn’t know anything about the supernatural, because her parents hid it from her growing up, but ever since her parents were attacked by a supernatural monster and killed five years ago, she’s been searching for more information, in an attempt to find and destroy whatever it was. For some reason, she hasn’t been able to find any mention so far, mostly because she’s too afraid to actually tell people that she has seen paranormal monsters.

But it’s become her life’s mission; she’s determined to figure out what these creatures are and how they can be killed, and thereby avenge the death of her mother and father.

Blade is tall and muscled from a life spent hunting rogue demons. He’s got black hair and green eyes that turn amber when he’s angry or upset, and also when he’s about to shift into his jaguar form.

He’s the local SIG agent who monitors the supernaturals in the Stanford area, as well as fighting the occasional demon. He thinks Hazel is too careless, and keeps putting herself into dangerous situations that she can’t get out of… He’s assigned the job of protecting Hazel by the SIG, and has to try and keep her safe.

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