High Flyer

Despite being the star trapeze act at the Jolly Knight Carnival, things have been going downhill for Missy lately. Her parents were thrown out; she was forced to kill Lucietta – completely in self defence – at the end of the Winter Spectacular; and now Jack and Blago think she did it on purpose as revenge for her father. And don’t forget the nightmares that have been plaguing her since that terrifying night high in the rigging.

She can’t take much more, which is why, when her loyalties are called into question, she storms out, leaving the Carnival and everything she knows behind. She doesn’t need them, and she doesn’t need the Carnival’s magic to be the best.

Luckily, motorbike daredevil Zeph gives her a lift to LA, where they both think they’re going to find what they’re looking for. Missy thinks it’s the best thing that’s happened to her in ages, but what she doesn’t realise is that they’re both about to be trapped in a world where no one escapes, and everyone must use curse magic to survive.