Hidden Magic

When Henry leaves the Jolly Knight Carnival for a consultancy gig in Tampa, he arrives to find a dysfunctional research team with a struggling prototype—and the only reason he doesn’t turn tail and run is his instant fascination with gorgeous robotics genius Fee. Henry is enthralled by the secrets in her eyes, and the strange electricity they generate whenever they touch.

Fee’s been running from her dark past for a long time. She’s used to hiding in the shadows, and keeping her magic to herself. But the electric attraction she feels toward Henry disrupts her usual ability to remain aloof.
When her past finally catches up with her, it’s not only Fee who’s in danger—Henry and the rest of the research team are in the firing line as well. It’s not long before Henry and Fee are on the run, desperately trying to evade an enemy that never, ever gives up—and whose only goal is to eliminate Fee.