Hidden Dragon

My name’s Mei Walker and everyone wants me dead. Well, maybe not everyone, but some days it feels like that. Worst thing is, no one will tell me why.

The Earthbound – the secretive organisation that’s after me – have spies everywhere. I’ve been on the run my whole life, moving from place to place, not sure if the next person I meet will be the one who betrays me.

To find out why they want me dead, I have to make it to my twentieth birthday. That’s when supernaturals come into their full power. It’s not long now, but the Earthbound are stepping up their game. It’s going to be fifty-fifty whether I get to the finish line. Truth is, I know I’m not special. The Earthbound have made a mistake. All I have to do is stay safe until my birthday and prove them wrong.

How hard could it be?

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