Trying Something New…

The cool thing about lockdown is that it makes you think outside the box, and try new things, simply for the entertainment value. I’m a big learner, I loved university, I love doing courses about new things, and I love watching programmes where I can expand my knowledge.

One of the new things we did this week was make our own sushi! We enjoy eating sushi in our house, we have a favourite shop in town that we go to regularly, and are happy to consume copious amounts of it.

So we tried making our own sushi at home, and it turned out amazing, if I do say so myself. My daughter even commented how easy it was to make, so I guess we’ll be doing it again sometime soon…

Another new thing I’ve tried recently is reading new authors and new genres I don’t usually read in. I have my old favourites, the books that I know I’ll love as soon as I read them. But I know that it’s important to test my boundaries, try out new stories and types of characters, to see if I like them, and hopefully to learn from them.

There are so many new genres these days, and so many awesome authors writing amazing stories, it seems like a shame to not take advantage.

I also like to listen to craft courses, and try new things in my writing, new ways to get readers to connect to my characters and my stories… So watch this space, and see if you can spot any of my new writing techniques…!!  🙂

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