Lockdown Life

So we’re back in lockdown here in New Zealand now, and we’ve gone from the highs of our holiday, to the lows of being stuck and at home with no place to go.

We’re very lucky because we have a bit of land to run around on, and a house that’s warm and cosy and keeps us safe. I can still do some work from home, although it’s more difficult because of the extra people in the house—all the time—and the need to help my daughter do her school work and keep her and her father entertained.

She’s an only child, so this whole lockdown thing means her only social interaction is with me and her dad, and if we don’t spend time with her (ie if we disappear all day to do work) she’s quite happy to spend all her time on her iPad. You can see my dilemma…

Anyway, we make it work in our own way, and while I’m doing far less writing than I’d like, I do get to spend time with my daughter, so that’s a bonus. We’ve been going for walks together, baking cakes, making sushi from scratch, doing freaky makeup, making flower arrangements, going on the trampoline, watching movies, and drawing. We even wrote the first few chapters of a kids’ book.

The one thing I dislike, with a passion, is the home schooling.

To be fair, my daughter doesn’t like it much either. She loves school, loves her teacher, enjoys spending time with the other kids in her class, is happy to learn—at school. At home, she’s a reluctant online schooler. She resists it at all opportunities, and we have to force her to get into the office and onto the computer. Which means either myself or my husband end up sitting with her as she does her schoolwork, helping her through the exercises, and participating in science experiments and maths puzzles and generally being her classmates.

Some of it is fun. It’s been interesting to see what she’s up to, what she knows about. How smart she actually is.

What’s not fun is that she’s discovered how much I need her to put in the correct answer when she’s doing a series of questions on her online study platform. (Turns out I’m a huge nerd and like to have the answers correct.) She’s a bright kid. I don’t need to give her the answers, she generally knows them herself. And I’m happy if she genuinely doesn’t know the answer, and she has a shot and gets it wrong. It gives her teacher valuable information on what she needs help with, and that’s cool.

But what she’s started doing is putting in the wrong answer on purpose and pretending to press the button to say it’s her final answer, when she knows it’s the wrong answer. I’m all: “Stop! That’s wrong, you know it’s wrong. Don’t dooooo iiiiiittt!”

Typing this out, I can see that this is a little… oversensitive. But it honestly just drives me nuts when she does it. She knows the answer. She’s just messing with me. What will the teacher think??

I mean, I can see the humour from her perspective. It’s funny to mess with me. To watch me squirm as she does it. But it’s annoying that it’s me that she’s messing with…! I’d much prefer if she did it to her Dad. (Heehee.)

You can probably sense that she has my sense of humour, and I can see that this is just karma coming back to bite me in the bum for all the years I spent playing annoying jokes and pranks on the people in my life… But still!

Anyway, that’s my great epiphany from lockdown life—I am far too highly strung when it comes to trying to get the right answers.

And of course, I love hanging out with my darling girl, she’s awesome.

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