A Flip’n Good Challenge

My daughter can do flips. I mean, I know a lot of kids can do flips, but I’m so proud of her for being able to do them. It’s something I could never do as a kid, so I feel like it’s almost this magical talent. She does tricking, which is a mix between gymnastics and parkour, where they learn how to do different kinds of flips and tricks.

She’s also pretty awesome at doing flips on the trampoline. I’ve become aware that other kids can do it as well, but we didn’t have a trampoline growing up, and it seems like something that’s impossibly hard to do, so I’m sticking with the magical talent theory.

Our old trampoline is starting to come apart, the foam is moulting, the ladder is broken, the netting is covered in moss and is starting to shred. We’ve had it a good long while and have loved every minute of it.

But this week we bought a new one. And I have this idea in my head that perhaps I’ll start going on the trampoline every day, maybe try to do some of those tricks that my daughter is so good at. Part of me is laughing at myself, at the thought I could do something like that. But then, before I started skiing again this year, part of me was laughing at the idea of that as well…

In my year of adventure, challenges have become a daily habit. So while maybe last year I would have said, “Nah, I can’t do it”, this year, I’m going to give it a go! I love the idea that maybe I could learn to do one of those flip-thingys. I’ll let you know if I ever manage it…!

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