My Baby Girl Turns 10!

Ten years ago this month I was at the hospital ready to give birth—via caesarean—to my darling baby daughter. I didn’t know she was a “she”, not until she was born, and I can’t tell you how relieved I was that she was a girl.

I mean boys are okay. I would have loved a little boy.

But I really wanted a little girl.

Really, really wanted a little girl.

Especially as we had to do IVF (actually it was ICSI, if you know anything about such things) to even get pregnant and weren’t sure we’d be able to have another one (which we didn’t in the end.)

So if I was only allowed to have one baby, let it be a girl. (Again, I feel the need to apologise to all the boys out there in the world. You are all lovely.)

Happily, the stars were aligned for me that day, and my daughter was born in the middle of June. All I remember is my husband being told off for trying to peer over the blue curtain behind which the doctor was operating on me, and the feeling of the doctor rummaging inside my stomach as he put everything back the way it should be, after my gorgeous little baby was pulled out. (Weirdest feeling in the world, let me tell you…)

She was tiny, but noisy. Not such a good sleeper, but smiled and played and loved the water right from an early age.

And now she’s a big ten-year-old girl who likes to laugh, play practical jokes and even has her own ideas on how she likes things. She still loves the water but is a much better sleeper, thank goodness. She’s adventurous and brave, and loves to ski down the mountains, ride the rivers in a raft and do tricking at the local gym.

She also loves to draw and paint and write stories with her mother. Watch this space for the book that she’s writing with me right now!

She’s smart, and fun, and loves the trampoline. She’s the most amazing daughter in the world, and I love her more than I can say.

Happy birthday my darling! Xx

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