The Year of Adventure!

In the name of adventure and all things outdoorsy, we did another activity that I thought I would share with you… Jet boating at Huka Falls. It’s near Taupo in New Zealand, and was a freezing cold, beautifully sunny day.

I wasn’t quite dressed properly for the occasion, and I managed to sit in the one place on the boat where I got COMPLETELY DRENCHED. As in, no one else in the boat got that wet, and I was SOAKED.

Luckily for them, I think things like that are hilarious, and had a fabulous time anyway.

If you’ve ever been on a jet boat near the bottom of a really big waterfall, you might have felt a little of the awe, mixed with healthy terror at the idea of falling out of the boat, and getting sucked down underneath all that churning water… (overactive imagination, anyone?)

The good thing is that doing things like this that involve excess speed along the river, freezing cold wind, and taking a small boat far too close to a raging waterfall, also have the benefit of making all your senses come alive. For a writer, it feels like something that’s very necessary, opening your senses up to experiences that test your limits and help you feel an excess of emotion, so that you can write about them more intimately in your books.

I love the feeling of being in a situation like that, of feeling like you’re being daring and dangerous… even if it’s really a very safe tourist attraction that has thousands doing it every year. 🙂

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