The latest Magic Carnival is out!

A powerful fortune teller pretending to be a fake? Priceless. 

She’s been hiding in plain sight, pretending to everyone at the Jolly Knight Carnival that she wouldn’t know the real future from a bag of potatoes. But the truth is, she’s the real deal.

When she accidentally touches Sam and sees a terrifying future for the Carnival, she has to convince everyone that she’s real, before they’ll even consider taking action.

Shadow Prophecy is the story of Sam, the doctor who was under Veronica’s power in High Flyer, and Celestine, a real fortune teller who’s pretending to be a fake. It’s my favourite book in the series so far, and early reviews are coming in thick and fast, saying the same thing…

If you’re reading this in launch week (27th March 2017-2 April 2017) then Shadow Prophecy is up on Amazon for just 0.99 cents.

Click this link to purchase it right now! 











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