Goofy Writer Things

I’m sure everyone in every career does things that are kind of goofy. But for some reason, I think writers are capable of much more goofiness than other people.

Possibly because we tend to sit in our offices by ourselves all day long, thinking up imaginary scenes with imaginary people, and then making them come to life in our books.

I mean, sometimes I sing to myself. I definitely chat to myself. I talk to the cat as if she’s another person. I dance around the room if I’m excited. I watch the neighbourhood outside my window. I give the people passing by to drop their kids off at the local kindergarten whole histories that I’ve made up based on the colour of their shirt and how fast they’re walking.

And those are just the crazy things I’m willing to admit to. 🙂

Look at that face. What a goof.

Trudi xx

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