The Dragons are Here!

My latest book, Hidden Dragon, is out now!

This is a fun book in a genre I love that I planned on the way to the beach with my husband. He wanted to name the heroine May Flood, after a road sign we passed just as I asked him the question of what to call this new character we had been brainstorming.

I compromised and named her Mei, a perfectly respectable name. Right up until release day, he was still going on about changing her surname back to Flood… Sigh. At least he’s persistent.

Once we had the concept of this girl who doesn’t know who she is, but has been in hiding her whole life, I needed to fill in the back story. Luckily we were spending the weekend with friends of ours who are big readers in the Sci Fi and Fantasy genres, so we talked plot lines the whole weekend. They helped me get a bit more of an idea of the where and the how of the story.

Then, once my story was finished, I sent it to a friend of mine, who came back and told me a few of the problems that she saw in the story line. Grudgingly I admitted that she might have a point, and changed the things she told me to change. 🙂

Then my editor saw it and changed all the dodgy grammar mistakes. After that my delightful team of VIPs had a read, and found the last of the mistakes (hopefully!) in the book.

The lesson here, other than that you should go out and buy Hidden Dragon, is that this is a book that has been planned and added to by many people, and I am very grateful to have all of them in my life. Thank you all, it means alot to have you on my side.

Trudi xx

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