Pictures of the Flying Trapeze

Missy, the heroine in the fourth book in the Magic Carnival series is the flying trapeze act at the Jolly Knight Carnival, so I thought I would show you a few images of the kind of things she might do, or that other trapeze artists have done through the ages…

I like to do a bit of research (ie slack off on pinterest) while I’m writing to give me a flavour of the world I’m trying to create in the Magic Carnival. Because I’m a very visual person it helps me get a handle on what I might write about, but it’s also there for you to check out as well. You can get an inside look into the inspiration behind many of the acts and ideas of the Magic Carnival, and perhaps get an insight into the writer mind (or not. It’s pretty confusing in here).

If you’re interested, you can check out my Pinterest boards here:

The Flying Trapeze – Full of pics of men and women flying through the air…

Carnival World – Years of inspiration that I’ve used to help create the Magic Carnival world.

As a sample, some of my favourite pics include the ones below (but be sure to check out Pinterest, because they’re by no means the only ones):


Trudi Jaye 🙂

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