The Gift is OUT NOW!

It’s finally here – the second book in the Magic Carnival Series, The Gift!

You can purchase it here on Amazon right now.

Think you know the Giftmaster? Think again…

When you’re the link between the Carnival and its people, sometimes it can drive you a little crazy.

The enigmatic Giftmaster Garth was thrust into his unique Carnival role when he was still a teenager, and despite the mentorship of their Ringmaster Abacus, it’s been a heavy burden to bear. He’s grown into a cautious, reserved—some would even say emotionless—man.

But Garth’s problem isn’t that he’s emotionless—it’s the complete opposite. He has the feelings of everyone connected to the Carnival constantly flowing through his veins, and every new Mark takes him on an emotional roller coaster ride over which he has no control.

The only way he’s able to survive the suffocating weight of it is to be detached and lock his own emotions deep inside.

When he meets Dr Maddy Annandale, he knows he’s attracted to her. He knows it, but tells himself the reason he’s invited her to help his ward Simon is purely for the young boy’s benefit. She’s a memory researcher, after all. Who better to help an amnesia patient regain his memories?

But nothing is ever simple in the world of the Carnival, and Garth soon finds himself trying to protect them all from Simon’s vengeful father, while learning some terrible truths about the Carnival he loves, and the woman who has stolen his heart.










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