Telling Stories

There’s something about telling stories that I love. Getting to understand the characters, real or imagined, and trying to express who they are and why they’re doing what they’re doing.

I meet a lot of really interesting people in my day job. I interview researchers, people who are trying to understand the world around them, make connections, serendipitous mashups that will take their ideas to an even better place.

There are rules around research; I learned that quickly when I started interviewing researchers. It has to be thorough and methodical. Precise and clear. But at the same time, many of the people I meet who are trying to find something new and exciting in their given fields, also believe in a little bit of magic. They need serendipity in their work to make it happen. To make the discoveries, and put the connections in place that they need.

Those are the real characters. The imaginary ones are where I get to let my imagination soar. I can create anyone I like, within certain limits. First is that I literally have to like them. I’m not one of these people who appreciates a lead character I don’t admire.

The other limit, if you could call it that, is that they have to be interesting. Some special quirks, the courage to stand up for something, overcoming some kind of odds. Whatever. Mostly just someone I would really like to meet, and can imagine myself being friends with.

Although that does make the next part of my job a little tough. I mean, as a writer, you’re supposed to take your character, imagine the kind of things that person would most hate to have happen – and make it happen to them.

But there is a saying that truth is stranger than fiction. And it’s really true. I’ve written fiction stories based on facts, and had people tell me the events weren’t believable.

Which is why the storytelling on this blog is more for the factual stories than for the made up variety. I figure it will make for more fantastical reading that way.

So here is where I will look for and find the weird and the wonderful, the intriguing and the interesting. The downright loopy, the fantastically fascinating.

Look forward to seeing you back here sometime soon.

xx Trudi

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