Serendipity The First

The first time I heard the word serendipity was when my grandmother gave me a book by the same name, with a pink Loch Ness Monster style creature on the front. (Just looked it up, it was by Stephen Cosgrove, check it out) I loved that book. It stayed at her house, and whenever we went to visit, we’d get to read it.

Now, 30+ years later, here I am with my own serendipity blog. Why, you might wonder? I suppose I needed something random to tie together the kind of things that I wanted to write about here. I’m a journalist by trade, and an author by ambition, so I wanted something that would allow both those sides of my writing to be expressed.

As a journalist I’m always coming across great stories of people doing really interesting things, and I wanted to be able to share a few of them here. As an author, I’m always using the things around me, crashing them together and trying to come up with some new ideas for the next book or series. Mix the two up, and the result is a blog where I get to write about whatever I like, as long as it meets the scope of serendipity.

And what is that scope? Serendipity is defined by Wikipedia as a happy accident, but I like the definitions that add the bit about recognising that the happy accident is something worthy of note. Not only enjoying the accidental nature of a discovery, but also being the kind of person who knows that you’ve discovered something amazing.

In the next few blogs I’m going to search the web, and try to discover a few of the places where the word serendipity plays a part. I’m going to research serendipity, if you will. Kind of a like I would for an article on the word, just so you can find out all about serendipity.

Thanks for reading!

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